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Amazing Clean-up Capability from Our All Purpose Absorbent

Dispose of  the absorbed material according to all Federal, State, and local regulations for the liquid absorbed. ZORBENT will leave the floor clean and dry when properly used.

Examples of Liquids Absorbed by ZORBENT
• Alcohols
• Methyl
• Ethyl
• Isopropyl
• Butanol

          • Caustics
          • Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
          • Ammonium Hydroxide
                  • Acids
                  • Sulfuric
                  • Hydrochloric
                  • Perchloric
                  • Phosphoric 

• Oils
• Motor
• Diesel
• Hydraulic
• Mineral
• Vegetable

          • Toxins
          • Chromates
          • Cyanide
          • Sulfides 
                  • Solvents
                  • Acetone 
                  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
                  • Carbon Tetrachloride
                  • Cyclohexanone
                  • Methelene Chloride
                  • Toluene
                  • 1,1,1-Trycholoroethane
                  • m-Xylene   
How to Use Zorbent, MetaMatrix,LLC
Pour Zorbent granules around and on the liquid spill. If the spill is flowing, pour Zorbent in front of the spill to create a dam. Sweep the Zorbent with a broom or rake into the spill in a circular motion, until the liquid is completely absorbed. If the spill is not completely absorbed, add more Zorbent directly onto the residue. When clean, sweep up the saturated Zorbent and dispose of according to all Federal, State and local regulations for the liquid absorbed.
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