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Amazing Clean-up Absorbent


Zorbent LLC, an environmentally conscious company in Chicago, IL, has developed an All Natural, All Purpose granular super absorbent and spill control agent called ZORBENT™. Contact us today to place your order or for more information about our all purpose absorbent.


The benefits of using ZORBENT™ over other all purpose granular absorbers and spill control agents are numerous, including:


  • Fast Clean-Up

Fast-Acting Ultra Absorption Leaves Surfaces clean and dry

Absorbs ALL liquids* quickly and efficiently.

1 cubic foot of ZORBENT™ absorbs 4 or more gallons depending on the liquid viscosity.


Leaves surfaces completely clean and dry through our patented encapsulating  technology.


*Do not use with hydrofluoric acid


  • Safe to use

All Natural and Dust-Free Formula for Safe Liquid Pick-Up

Our new, all natural formula is non-toxic and safe for the environment.

Ideal for "dust free environments", e.g., clean rooms, near delicate machinery and hospitals.

Non-carcinogenic - will not cause lung disease.

Will not rust or corrode metal.


  • Easy Handling

Designed for Easy Storage, Use and Disposal

Due to Zorbent's ultra absorption, less inventory and space is required for product storage.

Will not evaporate; bags left open remain dust free.

Lightweight design makes it easy for users to apply, sweep up and dispose of the mixture.

  • Cost Effective

The Most Economical Absorbent in the Industy

Ultra absorbency means less product is needed to absorb a given amount of liquid.

Due to Zorbent's ultra lightweight design, disposal costs are significantly reduced.

Lightweight design lowers freight costs.



Contact us today to place your order for our odor absorbent and spill control agent.